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Mungo & Betsy are designers and makers of small buildings, garden studios and bespoke structures. If you haven’t heard of us before, the chances are you might have seen us out and about. Mungo and Betsy run the Spa Safari, a mobile wood-fired sauna and hot tub experience. The luxury mobile spa to compliment any event!

Visit our Hot tub & Sauna hire pages to find out how you can hire a wood-fired Sauna or Hot Tub to come to you, or your event, for a unique and memorable experience.

Based in Frome, Somerset UK we work with our clients to inspire new ways of living in harmony with the environment. Mungo & Betsy blend a deep commitment to your wellbeing & that of our planet. For this reason we insist on using ethically sourced, sustainable, local and natural materials. We maintain a strong connection to contemporary and traditional British craftsmanship.

If something has piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to call, and we always offer a warm welcome at our workshop to anyone wanting to chat about a commission or hire.

Lakefest 2016

Spa Safari booking at LAKEFEST 2016

Valley Fest 2016

Spa Safari booking at Valley Fest 2016