Health Benefits and How to Use Hot Tubs

DSCF1643The concept and the joys of taking a hot bath needs no introduction. However, the concept of this as a social activity or ritual is somewhat alien to us. The hot tub phenomenon has reintroduced to us the notion of sharing a heated pool together with health and pleasure as key elements in its increasing popularity in our culture.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, identified the benefits of both hot and cold water for different ailments nearly 2500 years ago. So what can a hot tub do for you?

Potential health benefits of using a hot tub:

  • Reduced pain for sufferers of arthritic conditions
  • Improved circulation
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Buoyancy in the water relieves stress on our joints. – Improved sleep

How to use our hot tubs:

  1. Remove the lid of the tub, and fill the tub with water. The tubs will be clean when they arrive to you.
  2. When the water level has covered the firebox, the fire can be lit. Please use only dry wood for this purpose, and please remember to replace the hot tub lid to minimise heat loss.
  3. The fire needs to be carefully maintained and fed regularly to heat the water efficiently. You will need to check the fire for the duration of your session to maintain a temperature of between 37-40C.
  4. Using the thermometer provided check the progress of the water temperature. When it approaches 37C please add the water purification tablets. You should allow at least 30 minutes before anybody enters the water for safety. We use an Ozone based water cleaner to maintain hygiene, and Ph balance kits are provided. An explanation of how to do this will be given when we install the tubs at your desired location.
  5. Make sure that all who enter are clean. Particularly the feet, which will pick up mud or leaves and grass as they enter and make the water visibly dirty. We recommend having a large bucket of water to the side of the tub to rinse their feet as people enter.
  6. Maintaining the temperature is easy enough at this stage and simply requires an occasional log to be added to the fire. The hot tubs will retain their temperature for quite a while unless it is very cold outside, but it is up to you to maintain the water at your preferred temperature.
  7. At the end of a session you should replace the lid of the hot tub. If you are planning to use the tub again you should follow the guidelines we provide for maintaining water hygiene at this point. Alternatively, the tub can be emptied and cleaned in preparation for the next session.

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